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Our wide range of services includes CCTV Camera Solutions & Customized parking solutions. We stand out for our after sales services and the standby services we offer in case of any problems faced by you during the usage of our products.


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  • Highly experienced team to guide & assist your requirements. No high presure sales.
  • Our surveyor will visit your premises and discuss your needs.
  • Latest equipment to protect your Property.
  • Full installation & maintenance service from our own engineers.

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Spare Parts Replacement

As these are Non– Comprehensive AMC Plans, we refer to the service charge of Spare part replacement and not the cost of spare parts here. Replacement of CCTV parts & consumable items are not covered under Silver plan. Under Gold and Platinum Plan we have defined numbers of free spare parts replacement offered.

Preventive Maintenance

By this above mentioned term we refer to the number of scheduled visits done by the technical team for maintenance work to be done. Silver, Gold & Platinum Plan includes Quarterly, Bi- Monthly & Monthly scheduled maintenance visits. Analysis of breakdowns/ Faults .

Audit Reports

Post every maintenance visit a digital report including 32 check points for entire CCTV setup is sent across to the customer. The audit includes Camera Visibility Test, DVR / NVR Recording Test, DVR / NVR Settings Verification, and Disk Error Check. This also includes all the observations, preventive measures taken, suggestions on future actions to be taken for the setup to be up 24/7.

Place Relocation

We also offer certain number of CCTV Camera point relocations based on the plans opted by the customer, provided the length of existing cable supports the relocation, for any relocations the new cabling cost is includes has to be borne by the customer.

Stand-by Service

Any case of component breakout SISECURE provides necessary stand-by services until component replaced or serviced. Not necessarily the stand-by should match the existing component. This includes stand-by cameras, DVR, HDD & SMPS. Stand-by service doesn’t include cabling. This particular service is only offered under Platinum Plan.

Software Updates & repairs service

All the necessary software updates is taken care at the time of maintenance visit if applicable.

AMC Package

(excluding taxes)
(No.of visits)
Breakdowns/Faults/Audit Reports
Software repairing/service
Remote Service ( Call Service)
Spare Parts Replacement (service cost)
Place Relocation
Stand-by Service
No of free Breakdown Visits
Half Yearly
Once per unit/year
YES (Up to 3 Units/Year)
Monthly one breakdown visit
Thrice per unit/year
YES (Up to 8 Units/Year)
Weekly one breakdown visit
Plans Basic Plan Platinum
Preventive Maintenance (No.of visits) 4 6 12
Analysis of Breakdowns/ Faults and Audit Reports Half Yearly Quarterly Monthly
Software repairing/ service Chargeable YES YES
Remote Service (Over Call Service) YES YES YES
Spare Parts Replacement (service cost) Chargeable Once per unit/year Thrice per unit/Year
Place Relocation NA YES (Up to 3 Units/Year) YES (upto 8 Units/Year)
Stand-by-Service NA NA YES
No of free Breakdown Visits NA Monthly one breakdown visit Weekly one breakdown visit
Price (excluding taxes) 650/Unit/Year 850/Unit/Year 990/Unit/Year

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We specialise in high definition CCTV from our entry level analog AHD CCTV Systems to our full HD Systems.
Our experts will help you get the best system for your requirements & budget.

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