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HD surveillance allows you to monitor your premises in crystal clear clarity, while also making identification of perpetrators a far simpler task. Our team are on hand to carry out free surveys of your property to assess your needs before providing you with a no obligation quote within 24 hours.

The Latest Technology in CCTV

  • High definition imagery
  • Quick & easy to install
  • Vast range of formats – better, smaller cameras
  • Remote monitoring

Our range of HD & HD IP CCTV cameras allow for remote access, meaning you can view your property from anywhere in the world, 24/7 – even on your mobile phone.


  • CCTV installation
  • DVR/NVR setup
  • CCTV repair and services


Digital CCTV Systems

Digital CCTV Systems With a team carrying decades of experience in the industry, S I Secure have become one of the leading providers of digital CCTV systems. Our experts are on hand to create a digital setup that’s specially designed to your requirements, whether for domestic or commercial use .


Remote Access

Our remote access with free online connection allows you to monitor your CCTV feed on the go, so you can carry out video surveillance wherever you are. View Your Property in Clarity We specialise in high definition CCTV from our entry level analog AHD CCTV Systems to our full HD Systems.


CCTV Maintenance

Ensuring that your equipment stays in optimum condition is vital for upholding security, which is why S I Secure provides full CCTV Maintenance at competitive rates. All systems supplied by us are offered with free service cover for 12 months, giving you the peace of mind that comes with full security at your home or business.


Customized Parking Solution

This is to organize smooth vehicular movements within the premise. Accessories for Speed regulation, Lane differentiation, Concave Mirrors at junctions etc. Our experts study the requirements of your establishment and recommend the traffic flow and equipment layout best suited for you..


Fire Alarm System

When every second counts, monitored smoke and heat sensors can help detect the first signs of fire. Then our monitoring centers can quickly alert your local fire department and send you a text or alert as soon as fire is detected in your home.

  1. Get alerts on your mobile device if smoke or fire are detected
  2. Unlock all exit doors to let in first responders
  3. Turn off the air in your home to slow the spread of smoke


We Are Good In

Spare Parts Replacement

As these are Non– Comprehensive AMC Plans, we refer to the service charge of Spare part replacement and not the cost of spare parts here. Replacement of CCTV parts & consumable items are not covered under Silver plan. Under Gold and Platinum Plan we have defined numbers of free spare parts replacement offered.

Preventive Maintenance

By this above mentioned term we refer to the number of scheduled visits done by the technical team for maintenance work to be done. Silver, Gold & Platinum Plan includes Quarterly, Bi- Monthly & Monthly scheduled maintenance visits. Analysis of breakdowns/ Faults .

Audit Reports

Post every maintenance visit a digital report including 32 check points for entire CCTV setup is sent across to the customer. The audit includes Camera Visibility Test, DVR / NVR Recording Test, DVR / NVR Settings Verification, and Disk Error Check. This also includes all the observations, preventive measures taken, suggestions on future actions to be taken for the setup to be up 24/7.

Place Relocation

We also offer certain number of CCTV Camera point relocations based on the plans opted by the customer, provided the length of existing cable supports the relocation, for any relocations the new cabling cost is includes has to be borne by the customer.

Stand-by Service

Any case of component breakout SISECURE provides necessary stand-by services until component replaced or serviced. Not necessarily the stand-by should match the existing component. This includes stand-by cameras, DVR, HDD & SMPS. Stand-by service doesn’t include cabling. This particular service is only offered under Platinum Plan.

Software Updates & repairs service

All the necessary software updates is taken care at the time of maintenance visit if applicable.

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